“I definitely wasn’t expecting to have to orgasm that I had…it was great!” - Erin Pim

“The Femme Fountain is a fantastic water toy. With two motor speeds, and an adjustable neck, you can change the flow and trajectory of the water with ease. Unlike other water toys I have used, This toy brings a bit of novelty fun with it. It's cute design is playful and exciting! It being a hands free toy also gives you the freedom to sit back and enjoy yourself in a way most toys cannot provide. As someone who has worked in the toy industry, I can say that most two speed toys have little variance. The Femme Fountain though has distinct settings, for different stimulation. It is an all around fantastic stimulator. I would highly recommend it to all bath takers!” - Tona Pearson

“We received one of these beauties as a prototype right before the line launched and WOW! Not only was it more water conscious than using the massage shower head, it actually did an infinitely better job. It's so nice to be able to cum in the shower again without a cavalcade of different items! :)” - Z&L from Toronto. on 2/9/2019

“Absolutely amazing, one of a kind product! Once you try this, you won't want to do it any other way!” - M. Baker